Wildcat Gin Passion

Feline fruity? – combine Wildcat Passion

with your favourite mixer to enjoy a juicy burst

of tropical sweetness


ABV: 37.5% Btl:70cl

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  • Aroma

    Notes of orange and passion fruit for a sweet, balanced taste.

  • Taste

    A juicy burst of tropical sweetness – the perfect passion mixer.

Take Pride in your Passion

Our passions define us: they allow us to dust off the formalities of the 9 to 5 to be our true authentic selves. For Wildcat, it’s about letting your passions shine bright. Whether you are a desk worker by day and a cabaret performer by night; an outspoken drag queen, or a secret singer in the shower, it’s all about you being you and taking pride in your passion.

Take Pride.jpg


The Cat



ABV: 37.5% Btl: 70cl

Where to Buy