Wildcat Limelight Gin

Light’s, Camera, Action! Let citrus flavours take centre stage – combine Wildcat Limelight with your favourite mixer to enjoy the refreshing burst of sweet zesty lime


ABV: 37.5% Btl:70cl

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  • Aroma

    Notes of lime and citrus for a sweet, balanced taste.

  • Taste

    Sweet and zesty – the perfect refreshing burst of lime.

Claim The Limelight

In an age where Hollywood is under scrutiny, and social media has given everyone the platform to have 15 minutes of fame, being in the limelight needs to stand for something new. For Wildcat, we believe in standing proud above the noise. It’s about dancing to your favourite song and not giving a damn about who’s watching. It’s feeling the most comfortable and confident in your skin. It’s time to take centre stage and claim the limelight.



 The Cat




            ABV: 37.5% Btl: 70cl


Where to Buy